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September 06 2017

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Gods of the past

After long time period i finally finished my new short series about creatures living in forests. Big thanks for colleagues especially @darius Kalinauskas for giving me feedback and helping to push my works further.

Rytis Sabaliauskas

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That Seems Totally Unnecessary. 

Don’t slap pandas

I’m crying…🤣🤣🤣

pls don’t slap pandas :(

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what if, like bats, blood-sucking vampires actually represent a small percentage of the full vampire population and most horrible undead creatures of the night are adapted to eat bugs, fruits, and nectars





You, a Ventrue: dignified, refined, drinks only the blood of virgins from a crystal glass

Me, a Nosferatu: vaccums up every bug in sight while screaming like the goblin I am

Me, a Toreador: Lounges dramatically on a fainting couch while beautiful people bring me beautifully arranged plates of various exotic fruits.

Me, a Malkavian: Takes a big bite out of a flower, muttering “Gotta pollinate.”

These four vampires are your party

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September 05 2017

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I made a Paladin Spell Book for my lady’s DnD adventures last year! Here’s a few pages from her book! I don’t do alot of ink, so this is me being brave!

I don’t know how to flirt. So I’m just gonna glare at Miss Fisher until she marries me.
— Jack Robinson (via incorrectmfmmquotes)

September 04 2017



my hellcat introduction suggestion: Trish doesn’t actually get superpowers, she just wakes up one morning and is like “you know what, I’m a ninja, I can just be a superhero” and she goes and gets the outfit she made five months ago for herself and puts it on

#Jessica finds out because she sees Trish on a rooftop and is just like ‘no…’ and Trish waves to her

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Another entry to the Book! The Sirens!

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A riot is an ugly thing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buvSIrFi0Hw&app=desktop

Get your pitchforks and torches ready guys, it is time to round up some peasants and take the power back! Coming very soon in the update 1.6 of the Book of Beautiful Horrors: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByEZ_EOCyILZTzhxdk5BQWpsWmc

Henchmen - A Fate RPG campaign world.


The Premise

Henchmen is a game in which characters get to explore the trials and tribulations of being little cogs in the grand machine of an evil organisation.  While many games focus on gaining power and overcoming foes, this game takes a slightly different approach.

You can play the game any way you want to, but we envisage Henchmen being played in two ways, the ‘day in the life’ tribulations of an expendable goon squad, or as a long ‘Villains Journey’ campaign. For the latter, we have outlined a 'development arc’ of significant milestones, linked to each character’s personal journey from nobody to nightmare.


Unlike more 'heroic’ games, Henchmen is not predicated on PCs succeeding on their various errands and missions.  Success might be achieved of course, but often failure, disaster and doom must be coped with, blame must be deflected and whatever credit is left must be seized.

The Evil Organisation is a unique Fate Fractal for Henchmen, with its own aspects, skills, Fate points and perks.  You might even think of the PCs as its stress boxes, since it will expend them to protect itself from consequences.

The Layout


This book contains:

  • How to create an evil organisation.  There is discussion on the types and themes as well as rules for interacting with The Organisation and details of its skills and perks.
  • How to create a henchman, including full character creation with new stunts.
  • Creating a city.  There are suggestions and steps to give your world a nice full feeling.
  • Advice on running a game, including the Villain’s Journey.  This includes tips on how to handle challenges and arcs to take characters through to help them advance and grow towards their own goals.
  • Rules for dangerous 'enhancements’ given to Henchmen by their organisation.  These cover rules for how to handle gear, both created and given, as well as various different superpower types.
  • Blackstone City, an example city for a Henchmen campaign with evil organisations, locations, heroes & plot hooks.

What The Money Will Be Used For

We were able to afford the two coloured pieces shown in the video, drawn by the talented Erik Korsgaard. One piece, the 'Battle at the Base’ is intended for the cover, the second 'The Usual Suspects’ is used at the start of character generation and used in pieces to enrich our sidebars and advertising.  However, we want to commission three more 'splash pieces’ to head chapters or to enrich the text, as well as some additional character pieces of NPCs.

  • Currently, we have completed the majority of the text of the book and two chapters are even most of the way through the layout process.  A third chapter is currently being proofread prior to being laid out.  The fourth chapter and the appendix are waiting for the completion of the Kickstarter for their final write up, to see if stretch goals or pledge levels add additional material.

Kickstarter campaign ends: Thu, September 28 2017 5:00 AM BST

Website: Canterbury Games Studio

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lmao bye


but is it running Doom yet

they did!



devices running doom that should not logically be able to run doom is still my favorite form of technological shitposting

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Here are some D&D maps I made for some dungeons and dragons games I am running!

September 03 2017

An Open Letter to Hollywood on the ‘Sick Kid’ Narrative:


Be chronically ill as a teenager or young adult is not The Fault In Our Stars or Everything, Everything or any other cinematic variation of that narrative.  Being sick as a teenager is not romantic. It’s not poetic. It’s doesn’t lead to pretentious relationships and lavish vacations. It doesn’t lead to quirky friends and fun outings. It isn’t a beautifully tragic plot device.

It’s watching people you used to be friends with move on without you. Learning to drive without you. Graduating high school without you. Going to college without you. Dating without you. It’s growing up and, the moment you have some independence, losing it. 

It’s having months and months of overdue school work. It’s having to pick between a passing grade and a flare up, or failing the class but maybe having some stability. 

It’s watching missed milestones pass you by. Watching your life pass you by.

It’s a constant fear of the future. “Will I get sicker? Will I ever be able to work?”

It’s never going to homecoming or prom. It’s not walking at graduation - either because you didn’t graduate or you can’t walk. Or both. 

It’s not chewing unlit cigarettes for the ~metaphor~, it’s going through Morphine withdrawal at 15 and taking the SATs with a drug-clouded brain. Hell, it’s watching people you know smoke pot on rooftops while you lay in bed high on Triptans and Tramadol. 

It’s not a John Green novel. There isn’t any glory in being a sick kid. There’s no scamming Make-A-Wish and sexy lovers. There’s no empathy from teachers or even from parents.

There is something innately alienating about only seeing your experiences portrayed in an unrealistic, romanticized light, especially at that age.   


playing D&D is about 90% wishing you’d done something cooler when you had the chance




Me when I see a fairy circle: oh no 👀👀👀 I’d better not sleep in this fairy circle 👀👀👀 and be whisked away 👀👀👀 to the land of the fairies 👀👀👀 where I will be wed to the fairy queen and never be able to return to this mortal land 👀👀👀

ya gonna get ya ass killed

Either I get killed or I get to marry the fairy queen it’s a win either way

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this is probably targeted toward transmasc people but i have a feeling this could apply to potentially every variety of trans person on the planet and thats incredible

they’re so useful though

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Powerful New Video Tackles Racial Bias To Remind Kids Their ‘Black Is Beautiful’

A new video released Monday titled “The Talk” compellingly tackles the impact of racial bias through the lens of black parents in America.

This video accurately displays what it is like to be black in America. It shows the conversations all black parents have with their kids to keep them safe and to encourage them to fight the racist society. And it’s heartbreaking that parents need to remind their kids that their “Black is beautiful”.Society needs to change and time has come to talk about this.


Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume.


















ARIEL (1890’S)





Megara (Ancient Greece)


Mulan (Ancient China)


Tiana (1920’s)


Rapunzel (18th Century)

I’ve reblogged this 6 times probably

You all always forget her excellent Maid Marian


Hey, you forgot Shoomlah’s updated version of Pocahontas:

Shoomlah said:  Finally updated Pocahontas! I don’t think this is what people were expecting as the next entry in the series, but some of the criticisms of my first design have been eating away at me for years now and I needed to get off my ass and address them.

So hey! Spunky age-appropriate Pocahontas/Matoaka, sans feathers in the hair/European imagery/other superfluous details. This is closer to accounts and illustrations of Powhatan dress from the period, and I kinda think it’s closer to the Disney design anyway. WIN/WIN.

Thanks to everyone who’s educated my ass over the past couple of years, including moniquill, apihtawikosisan, this-is-not-native, and numerous others. You’ve made me a way more thoughtful artist in the process.

Reblogging bc I loveloveloveloveloveloveLOVE the updated Pocahontas. Too many people sexualize her. Major props for taking the time and care to fix this!

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Just Like the First Time.

da extended universe roundup





dragon age is one of those franchises that sprawls over about 600 mediums so here’s a handy list of literally all of them, with links where i could provide downloads. if anyone has other links, or if i’ve missed something somewhere, feel free to add it on!

the games

  • origins – the first one, the best plot, the worst graphics, decent mechanics for an old game, broadest character development, as good as people say [xbox 360, ps3, & pc]
  • dragon age 2 – somewhere in the middle, smoother mechanics, deep rather than broad in terms of plot, world, & characters, better than people say [xbox 360, ps3, & pc]
  • inquisition – the latest one, the nicest graphics, broad rather than deep, actively pretty shallow in areas, nice cc though, not as good as people say [xbox 360, xbox one, ps3, ps4, & pc, though not all dlc are available on last-gen software]

the dlc

  • origins:
  • various add-ons, notably the stone prisoner which adds the companion shale
  • a tale of orzammar – prequel to dwarf origin [.dazip]
  • the darkspawn chronicles – play alternate plot as a darkspawn
  • leliana’s song – backstory for leliana
  • the golems of amgarrak – added quest in orzammar for the warden
  • witch hunt – sequel to origins involving morrigan
  • awakening – the main dlc, adds a significant sequel to origins, introduces anders
  • dragon age 2:
    • various add-ons, notably the exiled prince (adds the companion sebastian) and the black emporium (adds magic item store, your own mabari, & the ability to customise your appearance after the beginning of the game)
    • legacy – added quest in a new area, introduces corypheus
    • mark of the assassin – added quest in a new area, also felicia day is there
  • inquisition:
    • various add-ons, notably the black emporium again, although no doggo this time :(
    • jaws of hakkon – whole new area, multiple quests, explore the story of the first inquisitor & meet avaar, also there’s a bear
    • the descent – whole new area, deep roads but they’re pretty now, lots of dwarf lore, hopefully introduces stuff picked up in later games?
    • trespasser – the real ending to the game, why this wasn’t in the base game i’ll never know, it’s really good though like man, def introduces & develops stuff that’s gonna be important

    the novels

    • the stolen throne – prequel to origins, the orlesian occupation of ferelden, introduces king maric & develops loghain [epub]
    • the calling – sequel to stolen throne, king maric, duncan, & the grey wardens, introduces fiona [epub]
    • asunder – prequel to inquisition, the development of the mage-templar war, introduces cole [pdf]
    • the masked empire – concurrent with inquisition, the orlesian civil war between celene and gaspard, develops briala [epub]
    • last flight – concurrent with inquisition, develops grey wardens in the anderfels, hopefully introduces stuff that’s gonna come up later [epub]

    the comics

    • dragon age (idw comic) – prequel to origins, the daughter of a mage & a templar has a bunch of adventures, focus on circles & magic
    • dragon age (penny arcade comic) – prequel to origins, a bunch of templars try to find the witch of the wilds [webcomic]
    • awakening – prequel to the ‘awakening’ dlc, nathaniel howe breaks into his family’s home [webcomic]
    • the silent grove – sequel to dragon age 2, alistair, isabela, & varric go on an adventure in antiva, there’s stuff involving flemeth & maric [online]
    • those who speak – sequel to the silent grove, alistair, isabela, & varric in tevinter this time, isabela’s backstory is developed [online]
    • until we sleep – sequel to those who speak, alistair, isabela, & varric still in tevinter, varric’s backstory is developed, maevaris tilani introduced [online]
    • knight errant – concurrent with inquisition, an elven squire in kirkwall caught up in inquisition business [online]
    • magekiller – concurrent with inquisition, two badasses hunting down venatori for the inqusiition, also the archon is there, also lesbians [online]

    the short stories

    the anime movie

    • dawn of the seeker – standalone movie about cassandra pentaghast fighting some dragons, fills in her backstory, fun in places but mostly only for the truly desperate [dub, sub]

    the tabletop rpg

    • d&d style tabletop rpg in the dragon age universe, written pre-dragon age 2
    • being played on ‘tabletop’ with chris hardwick, kevin sussman, & sam witwer [part one, part two]
    • core rulebook [pdf]

    the books

    • the world of thedas 1 & 2 – books full of lore, character backstory, art of characters, animals, & areas, purportedly written by brother genitivi
    • the art of dragon age inquisition – art book
    • dragon age library edition – compilation of the comics ‘the silent grove’, ‘those who speak’, and ‘until we sleep’

    the web series

    • redemption – prequel to ‘mark of the assassin’ dlc for dragon age 2, a live-action series following tallis. thanks to @rrevan for the heads up! [youtube]

    the text-based game

    • the last court – digital card game following the marquis of serault, prequel to inquisition; thanks to @thirstyforred! [online]

    And Warden’s Fall, web series following Kristoff before Awakening.

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